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    This policy sets out Greater Electrical's overarching commitments and requirements for health and safety. Greater Electrical will conduct its business activities in such a way as to protect the health and safety of all employees and contractors of Greater Electrical, and the public / clients / visitors in its work environment.

    Greater Electrical is committed to continual and progressive improvement in its health and safety performance. Management acknowledges and accepts its responsibilities for health and safety standards in the workplace and will provide sufficient, competent resources and effective systems at all levels of the organisation to fulfil this commitment.

    All Greater Electrical employees and contractors are required to work in line with this policy.

    Greater Health, Greater Power.

    Greater Health, Greater Power.

    We commit to:

    • Providing a safe and healthy workplace for all Greater Electrical's employees and contractors, the public and visitors;
    • Ensuring health and safety considerations are part of all business decisions;
    • Monitoring and continuously improving our health and safety performance;
    • Communicating with Greater Electrical People, customers, and stakeholders on health and safety matters;
    • Operating in a manner that manages health and safety hazards;
    • Fostering personal commitment to health, safety and well-being and encouraging safe and
    • Healthy lifestyles, both at work and at home; and
    • Supporting the safe and early return to work of injured or ill Greater Electrical People.

    To achieve this we will:

    • As a minimum, meet all relevant legislation, standards and codes of practice for the management of health and safety;
    • Identify, assess and control workplace hazards;
    • Accurately report, record and learn from all incidents and near misses;
    • Establish health and safety goals for the business, and regularly monitor and review the effectiveness of our Health and Safety Management System;
    • Consult, support and encourage participation from Greater Electrical's employees on issues that have the potential to affect their health and safety and the health and safety of their co-workers;
    • Promote Greater Electrical's employees understanding of their health and safety responsibilities relevant to their roles;
    • Provide Greater Electrical's employees with information and advice on the safe and responsible use of our products and services; and
    • Suspend activities if safety would be compromised.

    All Greater Electrical employees are responsible for:

    Ensuring their own and other’s safety by familiarising themselves with this policy and adhering to it and all Greater Electrical safe work practices, and escalating any health and safety issues if they have the potential to put anyone (including themselves) at risk.